01.How many people can the beach tent accommodate?Open

Otentik beach tents came in sizes to accommodate anywhere from 2 to 8 people. The Otentik Nano is and an ideal beach shade for an intimate outing of two or on busy beaches where space is a premium. Our Otentik Original model was designed with families of four in mind while the Otentik Family  is a great beach canopy for a group of friends. Your comfort is also determined by the set up and the sun’s direction.

02.Is the Otentik beach tent windproof as well?Open

Absolutely, Otentik beach tents were designed for optimal performance in the presence of wind, even when its gusty. The aerodynamic profile of our beach tents allow air to flow freely above and below while giving the beach tent some lift and inflating it to its optimal shape. When winds are strong we recommend burying the beach shade anchors in the sand to prevent them from shifting position.
It is important to note that proper positioning and setup of your Otentik beach tent are critical to achieve maximum performance, and the best possible experience with your beach canopy.

03.Can I take my Otentik beach tent on vacation?Open

Absolutely, Otentik beach tents were designed to be as light, and compact as is technically possible without compromising performance or quality. As a result, all of our beach tents fit neatly into carry-on luggage and weigh either less or just over 2 kilos.

Nano- 1kg – 2.2 lib

Original- 1.9kg 4.1lib

Family-2.6kg 5.7

04.Is the beach tent fabric sun-resistant?Open

Yes! At Otentik we have carefully chosen fabric that is designed to both screen UV rays from entering the shade and stand up to being out in the sun over long periods of time. Our beach tent fabric is very similar to the kind used to make professional water sports gear. In addition to UPF50+ sun protection that Otentik beach tents provide, they are also sand-repellent, as well as chlorine, and saltwater resistant. Keep in mind that the UV protection you get under our beach shades is not a replacement for personal sun protection and we urge users to also use a good lotion or oil when out in the sun.

05.Why we call ourselves the "original sunshade"?Open

We did not invent the beach tent but we did innovate them to a degree never seen before. We created a beach canopy that is at once; very light, super compact, easy to use, offers protection from UV rays*, eco-friendly and on top of that, gorgeous to look at.

*Remember, the UV protection you get under our beach shades is not a replacement for personal sun protection and we urge users to also use a good lotion or oil when out in the sun.

06.How does shipping work?Open

We ship Otentik beach tents world wide, and we do it for Depending on were you ship to, you might incur local custom tariffs or taxation based on your locality’s laws.

07.When the sun moves, do I have to take the beach tent down and then set it up again?Open
Not at all. When the sun has changed position in the sky you simply move one or both of the poles to adjust the direction in which the beach shade is cast, and you are good to go again.
08.Do Otentik beach tents provide full protection from the sun?Open
Good question, Otentik beach tents provide sun protection equivalent to UPF 50+ which is a lot, however this protection is by no means full. At Otentik we advise all of our customers to always use sunscreen when going outdoors for prolonged periods of time, just in case.
09.Can my Otentik beach tent be machine washed?Open

Yes it can. We recommend a standard wash cycle with the temperature set to 30 degrees Celsius. We do not recommend machine drying though, so you should hang you beach canopy to dry once it is washed.

10.Do darker colors of beach tents attract more heat?Open

No they do not. Otentik beach tents are made from a very airy micro-fabric that does not create a greenhouse effect under them. Otentik beach tents let the air around them flow through them. As a matter of fact the darker colors of Otentik beach tents actually feel cooler when sitting under them.

11.Should I purchase an Extra pair of folding poles?Open

Otentik beach tents were designed for optimal performance with just the two poles they are shipped with. The two pole setup gives the beach canopy a backwards slant that makes our products uniquely familiar. An extra pair of poles allows users to expand the shade area and level the entire beach shade. The extra pair is nice to have but not a must.